XELLE has received glowing praise from around the world, including in publications in the US, UK, Australia, Central America and Europe. They’ve also made appearances on TV and radio, including on VH1’s Big Ang, Oxygen Network’s Jersey Couture, Sirius XM’s Derek and Romaine Show and The Playboy Channel’s Playmates Present. Below you’ll find a taste of what the world is saying about XELLE.
"XELLE is about to turn pop music on its head. The mega pop girl group is everything but ordinary."
Pop girl group XELLE is back with their latest hit [Sweat] — and it’s definitely one of our favorites from the pair yet.”
"[XELLE is] making fabulous new music."

"Check out the just-released music video for girl group XELLE’s… single, Party Girl! Ha! Not gonna lie, that subway car looks like an effing good time!"


"[The Hologram video is] a fun, interactive romp—very ABBA meets Josie and the Pussycats… the crowd got to pick which gal to follow as they tried to free kidnappped disco diva Martha Wash."
'Sweat' is a little bit dirty, a little bit naughty, and a whole lot of fun. It's got the high gloss pop sheen of a Britney track with the powerhouse vocals fans of the girl group best known for throwing an illegal dance party on a moving NYC subway train have come to expect.”
"These ladies sure know how to deliver a classic dancefloor anthem. XELLE’s new album Queens… is a must-have."
"[XELLE’s song] Queen is a huge floor filler that should make even the straightest male feel the urge to unleash his inner queen on the dance floor.”
"[XELLE is] the go-to group when you want danceable beats, powerful synth rhythms and fluffy hot diva vocals… “Red Flag” is high-energy and fun, and its powerful message over supercharged beats may prove just thing to spark a movement that helps change the world for the better."
"XELLE has always promoted a strong message of self-acceptance, empowerment and kindness to others."
"[XELLE’s Hologram video is] something that has never been done before.  A music video, that with a click of a mouse, the audience decides what twists and turns the group will take in their mission to save Martha Wash!  And if we pick the wrong option, they die! 

The new video is extremely funny, silly, and the song will get stuck in your head in a very good way.  Well done, ladies!”

-BUST Magazine

"What the hell’s XELLE? Only one of our favorite gurl groups!"
"XELLE’s brand new video for "Hologram" might be one of the most brilliant music video concepts to ever grace this planet."
"Blending a symphonic concoction honoring dance/pop acts like ABBA, The Spice Girls, and whipped into a frothy lather by super-producer Zach Adam, XELLE excels at delivering a pure dance floor confection.
     These girls can sing! It’s evident in the EP’s lead track “Queen” which is the album’s most apparent club-thumper. The electro-bass thump and melodies are a reminder of Rihanna’s more inspired dance hits, but there’s a genuine hook in the song that will relentlessly inspire massive pony-tail spinning - where else…on the dance floor. “Invincible” has all the ingredients of an inspired Katy Perry anthem; with its positive message the track is invincibly infectious. “Sweat” and “Party Girl” each have a late 80’s/early 90’s pop feel that is fresh, and “The City” is a hypnotic valentine to the city that never sleeps, with a rock breakdown that proves the group’s versatility.”

"XELLE unleashed the video for their first single, “Party Girl” and… this wondrous piece of video vivaciousness was shot on a moving, working NYC subway car. Dang! These girls…not only have charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, they’ve also got balance."


"These lovely ladies have the voices of (fallen) angels, sex appeal to burn and an overabundance of glamour not seen since the glory days of Martha Wash and the Weather Girls…"Party Girl", written and produced by Zach Adam, is a fun pop tune in the vein of Ke$ha…it’s extremely catchy! The video is just as fabulous. XELLE takes over a subway car and leaves a bunch of lucky commuters breathless with their stunning outfits and gravity defying choreography. Watch in awe as the ladies show the pretenders how it’s done!"


"Their flash-mob subway party video for “Party Girl” is F’n fierce."


"The single, “Party Girl,” is 3 minutes and 27 seconds of surprise! … the girls have really outdone themselves. The beat is one you can’t help but bounce to, and the chorus will be stuck in your head indefinitely."

"[XELLE is] actually rather brilliant. With their attitude-filled debut single ‘Party Girl’ setting the blogosphere alight with excitement, they’ve got the talent to back up their ambitions."

"[T]he video for Party Girl is just all kinds of right… [T]hese girls could teach a girl group or two how to play to the camera, and have some of the most infectious enthusiasm we’ve ever seen."

"[XELLE’s Invincible] sends a positive and inspiring message to LGBTQ youth."

"[Invincible] is an infectious spirit-raiser that may well become 2012’s ‘Born This Way.’"
"XELLE recently released their video for what will certainly be another hit, “Queen”. In it, XELLE sings with some fierce makeup, trippy effects, and they all rock the bald-headed look. The video is visually stunning."

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